Mondo Public Slide Show

Saturday, October 13th, FRANK in collaboration with the Town of Chapel Hill hosted the Mondo Public Slide Show on top of the Wallace Parking Deck. Photographers of all ages gathered to celebrate their artwork against the backdrop of a clear, crisp October night.

FRANK opened up the opportunity to the public to submit between 15 and 30 slides of personal work to share through projection onto a large screen. Local artists Barbara Tyroler, Bryce Lankard, and Lori Vrba were among the photographers who participated, showing works both old and new. As the slideshow rotated through the art, the crowd enjoyed complementary popcorn and live music by Mahalo Jazz and Friends.

Upcoming Events:

1.Tea Tasting, Thurs., Oct. 18 at 6-7:30pm at the Ackland Art Museum

Sample a variety of teas while learning about traditional and contemporary tea practices in Japan. Led by Nancy Hamilton, Cultural Programming Coordinator, Sarah P. Duke Gardens, and instructor in the Urasenke Tradition of Tea.

2. Salon: Taming Technology for the Photographic Creative Process Thurs., Oct. 18 at 6pm at FRANK

Creating fine art photography in the digital age requires more than a push-button solution. From custom made programs to mastering your cell phone camera. Dispelling myths of the “magic button” are Goodloe Sutter, Sam Kittner, Irene Owsley, and Shawn Rocco.

3. Music in the Galleries Sun., Oct. 21 2pm at the Ackland Art Museum

Enjoy the dynamic, traditional drumming of Triangle Taiko, the only taiko ensemble in North Carolina.


The Image in Flux Opening

Friday evening marked the Opening of FRANK’s new exhibition, Changing Focus: The Image in Flux. Starting at 6 pm and ending slightly after 9 pm, this event brought many to FRANK.

Visitors of the night had the opportunity to view the new selection of works and mingle with a handful of the artists. The steady crowd of 150 guests left the gallery buzzing with happy conversation and laughter all night through.

This exhibit is up through November 3.

Upcoming Events:

1.The Modern Photographer

Thursday, September 20 at 6 pm at FRANK Gallery

The nature and use of photography is evolving at light speed. Are the internet, galleries and specialty magazines the new venues? How does the photographer address this from aspects of journalism, documentary and fine art photography? Speakers: Pat Davidson, Mmichael Itkoff, Jock Lauterer.

2. The Harvest | La Cosecha (U Roberto Romano, 2011)

Thursday, September 20, starting at the Ackland Art Museum

Begin your evening at the Ackland: look at art connected to this evening’s film and then head to the Varsity to watch this movie.

3. The Discerning Eye: North Carolina Museum of Art Special Tour

Friday, September 21 at 7 pm at the North Carolina Museum of Art

Chief Curator, Linda Dougherty leads a special tour of the Julian T. Baker collection, A Discerning Eye, featuring the work of some of the most important photographers of the 20th century.

The Image in Flux Artists Talk

Thursday, September 13, FRANK hosted an Artists Talk with the featured photographers of Changing Focus: The Image in Flux. During the evening, guests were led on a tour of the gallery, hearing from Bill McAllister, Barbara Tyroler, John Rosenthal, Caroline Vaughan, Peter Filene, and Bryce Lankard about their works and processes.

Bill McAllister, nationally exhibited and published photographer, began the evening with a presentation of his 20×24″ Polaroid images. Taken around in the 1980s, these images bring attention to LBGT rights and are still relevant today. In another part of the exhibit, Bill had works from his travels in China exploring the juxtaposition of new technology and tradition.

Barbara Tyroler, award-winning photographer and FRANK Gallery Education Outreach Co-ordinator, spoke next about her underwater photographs. Taken of her father, these works explore family relationships and the dreams that arise from memory.

John Rosenthal, nationally exhibited photographer, writer, and lecturer, talked next about his works taken in museums. The photographs spoke to the presentation of artworks in a gallery and the tension between viewer and art that arises.

Following Rosenthal spoke Caroline Vaughan, well-known and recognized professional photographer. Caroline’s pieces create conversation about family, relationships, and the passing of time.

Peter Filene, author and award-winning professor and photographer, presented after on his pieces. Peter’s photographs, a part of the series “Picture, Picture on the Wall,” explore the relationship of people to art and of art within art.

Bryce Lankard, internationally exhibited and award-winning photographer, ended the evening with a discussion of works from his series, “Blink of an Eye.” In his talk, Bryce described the process of translating the emotional and psychological responses to a sense of loss into his photographs.

A light reception followed.

Featured artists not present were:

Alan Dehmer, well-known photographer and author; Wojtek Wojdynsk, well-known professional photographer; Jackie Tait-Leebrick, ECU Associate Professor and internationally exhibited and award-winning photographer; Sam Wang, well-known professional photographer; and fiber artist and silk installation collaborator Peg Gignoux.

Daily Tar Heel Publication

As part of my internship, I am curating “The American Landscape,” a UNC Undergraduate art show. Set to open the evening of October 12, this show will be examining different facets of American life, politics, and culture. In a recent interview, Mary Stevens, arts editor at the Daily Tar Heel, talked with Barbara Tyroler, Bryce Lankard, and me about the FRANK: In Focus photography festival and October 12 show. You can find it at the Daily Tar Heel site or through the hyperlink above!