Thursday Salon: David Spear

Thursday evening at 6pm, FRANK hosted a salon with David Spear. Spear is a Guggenheim Fellowship and NC Artist Fellowship award-winner and nationally exhibited photographer. Through the evening, Spear showed examples of his work and explained his processes.

David Spear spent the majority of his career as a darkroom photographer, developing works from his travels within the United States and abroad through traditional means. With the introduction of the digital darkroom, Spear has become acquainted with new methods, incorporating new technology in the development of his photographs.

The discussion following the lecture touched on the controversy of manipulation in the darkroom and on the computer. Artists present supported the addition of the DSLR and computer to the photographer’s toolbox, recognizing them as new ways to create and refine artwork. Bill McAllister noted how manipulation in photography has been present from the beginning with the alteration of the image from color to black and white.

After the discussion, a short reception followed.


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